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What is What is is a new and innovative way for healthcare facilites to get top quality radiology services often at lower per read rates. We are an internet-based referral service and have established relationships with many superior teleradiology groups (all located here in the U.S.) who are eager for your business. We take you radiology needs to these groups and find you the best groups at the most cost effective rates for you. We then bring these quotes back to you for your review and comparison. We do the work and you simply compare and save!

Even if you currently utilize the services of a teleradiology group it is still possible to request a free quote and see if you can get a better service and a better per read rate. All your contact details are kept in the strictest confidence and not shared with the telerad groups during the bidding process.

What are some of the advantages of using a teleradiology group? What are some of the advantages of using a teleradiology group?

By outsourcing your radiology reads to a teleradiology group you get access to superior state of the art technology and board certified radiologists who are available to you 24/7/365. Many teleradiology groups have invested in state of the art equipment to ensure the highest quality reads and fast turnaround times (including "stat" reads) for their clients. These groups have the ability to read 2d, 3d, 4d, and 5d images. State of the art servers/reading equipment deliver faster and more accurate results leading to a higher quality service for both patients and clients.

A teleradiology group can help with overflow, night and weekend coverage.

In addition, many of the teleradiology groups have subspecialty radiologists on staff to read specific types of images. These subspecialty radiologists include:
  • Neuroradiologists
  • Pediatric radiologists
  • Musculoskeletal radiologists
  • Echocardiogram specialists
  • Nuclear medicine/pet scan specialists
  • Radiologists who have experience reading trauma images

From a financial standpoint your organization or facility benefits from only paying for the service when you need it (on a per read basis). This can be far more cost effective than having multiple radiologists on staff who are paid a salary regardless of the number of reads they perform.

For more information about choosing a teleradiology company please read the following article from our Teleradiology Resource Center:
Important factors to take into consideration when choosing a teleradiology solution for your diagnostic imaging needs

What is I have a mobile imaging service. Can you help?

Absolutely. Here at we have helped numerous mobile imaging groups with their radiology needs. We have alliances with a number of superior teleradiology groups who work with mobile imaging clients regardless of size. This is especially important for new mobile imaging groups who are just starting to build up their client base and may not currently perform a large volume of reads.

Some of the advantages of using Teleradiology Finder to assist you with your mobile imaging needs include:

  • Billing
    You can also have the option of having the teleradiology group handle all your billing. Because the teleradiology group is already credentialed with each provider (e.g. Medicare, Blue Cross) this saves you the expense and paperwork hassle of getting credentialed with these providers. The teleradiology group receives payment from the provider, deducts the professional fee portion and then pays the technical fee directly to the mobile imaging group. In addition, becuase the billing is done by a third party who deals solely with billing they are experienced in assiging the correct codes to the reads for billing purposes and following up with the provider if there is a delay or issue in receiving payment.
  • Online access to reads and reports for physicians
    The ability to have the physician access the reads and reports for their patients online through a secure website is another feature offered by the teleradiology groups in our alliance. In fact the physician will have online access to all his\her patient reads and reports performed by the teleradiology group regardless of when they were performed. This is a big selling point that you, as a mobile imaging group, can take to your physician clients going forward! Of course the doctor can still receive the report via fax or email and the radiologist is available at all times for follow-up consultations on the reports.
  • Getting Set up
    The teleradiology group will install a gateway server in your office or home to facilitate communication with their system. You simply hook up your mobile imaging machine to the gateway server to transmit the images. The gateway server can also handle images transmitted wirelessly by your mobile imaging machine. As part of dealing with Teleradiology Finder we have negoiated with the teleradiology groups that there is no set-up fee or on-going cost to you associated with having the gateway server installed or maintained.
To find out how we can best assist you please submit your free teleradiology quote request. We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have related to your mobile imaging needs.

What is Is there a fee to use

No. is a free, no-obligation service to healthcare facilites and organizations. We are compensated by the teleradiology companies. Our service is quick and easy to use. There are no salespersons calling to your office. Since we are an internet referral service all communication is via email or phone. We only contact you to discuss your radiology needs. Your contact details are not used for any other marketing or promotional purposes.

Can I speak to someone at Can I speak to someone at is an internet-based referral service so the best way to get assistance on your radiology needs is to submit a free teleradiology quote request. However if you would like to speak to one of our associates first please use our contact request form. We will be glad to discuss how we may best assist you.

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